एतत् पृष्ठम् परिष्कृतम् अस्ति

rendered impassable by the whirlpools of ignorance, and of profound depth of bed as it is, its banks of anxious deliberation are precipitous indeed. Such a river the great Yogis of pure mind pass across to enjoy supreme felicity.

न संसारोत्पन्नं चरितमनुपश्यामि कुशलं
विपाकः पुण्यानां जनयति भयं मे विमृशतः ।
महद्भिः पुण्यौघैश्चिरपरिगृहीताश्च विषया
महान्तो जायन्ते व्यसनमिव दातुं विषयिणाम् ॥११॥

 11. I do not find the virtuous distinction produced (by ceremonial observances) through life after life to be conducive to well-being, for the sum of such virtuous merits when weighed in mind inspires fear in me. Enjoyments earned by great accession of merit, multiply so greatly in the case of people attached to them, only to bring them misery and peril !

 [विपाकः पुण्यानां etc.-The idea is to show the futility of good deeds performed in our earthly life with the object of enjoying happiness in the heaven or the higher Lokas, for the heavenly enjoyments are transitory as being the result produced by our virtuous merits; when the force of these merits is spent out, the enjoyments must cease and the soul will again be drawn back to the cycle of births and deaths, until by jñãna or spiritual illumination, it has obtained Mokșa or final release from the wheel of transmigration.