पुटपरिशीलयितुं काचित् समस्या अस्ति

by stability of meditation on the significance of the word Aham. The reason why he regards himself as apart from the Highest Reality is due to impurity or Mala (Anava, subjection to limitation; Māyiya, that effected by Māyā; and Kārma, that resulting from deeds, good or ill), which will easily vanish on regularly practising in the doctrines laid down in the Shāstrās of which the Parā-Trimshikā forms a typical one. It enjoins that irrespective of colour, caste, or creed man can be free and become the Supreme Soul. It distinctly lays down that religious rites and ceremonies and initiation are not binding upon the devotee when he gets rid of finiteness or subjection to limitations. The deep import of the sacred word Aham, by means of intense contemplation, will break in upon his mind the vision of the Highest Reality and absorb all finite thought.

Srinagar, Kashmir.

The Ist 1918

पं मुकुंदराम-शास्त्री
Pandit Mukunda Rāma Shāstrī.