"सदस्यसम्भाषणम्:Shijualex" इत्यस्य संस्करणे भेदः

:I object to including translated versions in Samskrit Wikisource. This may be moved to Hindi Wikipedia. Source must contain only the original text in Samskrit Language. Please discuss this and take appropriate action.[[योजकः:Samskritasrini|Samskritasrini]] ०९:२०, २२ जूलय् २०११ (UTC)
Yes. Source wikisource must contain only original source texts which are in Sanskrit. Rest of pages needs to be removed. You can mark those pages which are violating this rule and ask an admin to delete it. I am not an admin here. I only helped in the initial stages to setup this wiki. Hope Sanskrit wikisource community will do the rest.--[[योजकः:Shijualex|Shijualex]] ०९:४१, २२ जूलय् २०११ (UTC)


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