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== Your RFA ==
Frankly speaking, none of the oppose votes make any sense to me. We have already discussed Yograj's vote on the RFA page where he has replied to me. Generally if someone puts an oppose vote on En WP RFA, he is immediately asked "why" or "please explain why are you opposing". If you want I'll go ahead and ask that question in a polite way.(I think the discussion standard there, should improve, that's not how an RFA take place, in my opinion. --<font style="white-space:nowrap;text-shadow:#ED791A 0em 0em 0.8em,#F55220 -0.8em -0.8em 0.9em,#1D6B00 0.7em 0.7em 0.8em;color:#000000">[[User:Titodutta|Tito Dutta]] [[User talk:Titodutta|<big>✉</big>]] </font> २१:३१, २२ जनवरी २०१६ (UTC)


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