Jivan parichya milega kya abhi kal paper h saal bhar ho gye h class nhi lagi h

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प्रियसंस्कृतबन्धो,Sayant Mahato अत्र ते हार्दं स्वागतम् । नमांसि च ।
विकिस्रोतः आधुनिकतन्त्रज्ञानचालितः कश्चित् स्वतन्त्रः पुस्तकालयः । संस्कृतं तु एका प्राचीना समृद्धा च भाषा या सार्वकालिका अपि । अस्मिन् क्षेत्रे संस्कृतस्य सामर्थ्यं एतावत् अस्ति यत् सर्वाः अपि प्रमुखाः भारतीयाः भाषाः नवीन शब्दान् संस्कृतात् एव ग्रह्णन्ति । भारतस्य कस्यचिदपि लेखकस्य चिन्तकस्य वा दृष्टिकोणं संस्कृतस्य प्राचीन चिन्तनपरम्परया प्रभावितं भवति। अतः समृद्धायाः संवृद्धायाः च संस्कृतभषायाः विस्तारः भारतीय वाङ्मयस्य उन्नतिः भवेत्। अत एव संस्कृतस्य ज्ञानसमुद्रे विहर्तुम् अन्येषां सर्वेषामपि अवकाशः भवतु इति धिया अत्र संस्कृतविकिस्रोतसि अपि संस्कृतं प्रवेशितम् ।
विकिस्रोतसि ग्रन्थानाम् उत्तारणावसरे कार्यनिर्वहणावसरे यदि भवतः/भवत्याः मनसि संस्कृतभाषायाः विषये काचित् समस्या वा कश्चन संशयः वा उद्भवति तदा अन्यैः योजकैः सह परिचर्चां कर्तुं शक्नोति। संभाषणपुटेषु परिचयं सन्देशं प्रश्नं चिन्तनं वा लेखनात् पश्चात् स्वहस्ताक्षरान् अवश्यमेव योजयतु। तदर्थं भवान्/भवती ''~~~~'' इति लिखतु, पृष्ठस्य रक्षणपश्चात् हस्ताक्षरं स्वयमेव उदेति । सङ्गच्छध्वम् । संवदध्वम् । सं वो मनांसि.......
आशास्महे यत् विकिस्रोतसः सान्निध्ये अस्माकं साहचर्ये च भवान्/भवती सानन्दं सेवताम् । अभिरामः १४:१०, १८ अगस्त २०१४ (UTC)

Translating the interface in your language, we need your helpसंपादित करें

Hello Sayant Mahato, thanks for working on this wiki in your language. We updated the list of priority translations and I write you to let you know. The language used by this wiki (or by you in your preferences) needs about 100 translations or less in the priority list. You're almost done!
विकि इत्यस्य सर्वेषु बन्धुप्रकल्पेषु अनुवादमिदं योजयितुं कृपया translatewiki.net इत्यस्य मिडीयाविकि-स्थानीयकरणस्य उपयोगं करोतु ।

Please register on translatewiki.net if you didn't yet and then help complete priority translations (make sure to select your language in the language selector). With a couple hours' work or less, you can make sure that nearly all visitors see the wiki interface fully translated. Nemo १४:०६, २६ अप्रैल २०१५ (UTC)

Your RFAसंपादित करें

Frankly speaking, none of the oppose votes make any sense to me. We have already discussed Yograj's vote on the RFA page where he has replied to me. Generally if someone puts an oppose vote on En WP RFA, he is immediately asked "why" or "please explain why are you opposing". If you want I'll go ahead and ask that question in a polite way.(I think the discussion standard there, should improve, that's not how an RFA take place, in my opinion. --Tito Dutta २१:३१, २२ जनवरी २०१६ (UTC)

I know this should be the process. The one who opposes the RFA he/she must have to explain why. But here the scenario is- those who opposed my request were express their views in the above RFA and they have mentioned it too. But signed here(my RFA) under oppose section. considering that as the opposing reason I have replied them there (In the above RAF). whereas the discussion is concern, you are also well under your rights to express your views. --Sayant Mahato (सम्भाषणम्) ०४:३४, २३ जनवरी २०१६ (UTC)

Share your experience and feedback as a Wikimedian in this global surveyसंपादित करें

  1. This survey is primarily meant to get feedback on the Wikimedia Foundation's current work, not long-term strategy.
  2. Legal stuff: No purchase necessary. Must be the age of majority to participate. Sponsored by the Wikimedia Foundation located at 149 New Montgomery, San Francisco, CA, USA, 94105. Ends January 31, 2017. Void where prohibited. Click here for contest rules.

Share your experience and feedback as a Wikimedian in this global surveyसंपादित करें

WMF Surveys, १८:३५, २९ मार्च २०१८ (UTC)

Reminder: Share your feedback in this Wikimedia surveyसंपादित करें

WMF Surveys, ०१:३३, १३ अप्रैल २०१८ (UTC)

Your feedback matters: Final reminder to take the global Wikimedia surveyसंपादित करें

WMF Surveys, ००:४३, २० अप्रैल २०१८ (UTC)

सायणभाष्यम् सञ्चिकासंपादित करें

श्री सायन्त महोदय,

सायणभाष्यम् टैम्प्लेट यद्यपि वर्णयुक्ता शोभना दृश्यते, किन्तु यदा अस्य मुद्रणस्य आवश्यकता भवति तदा अयं न उपयुक्तं। अतएव, मया भवतः कृतानि परिवर्तनानि पूर्ववत् कृतानि सन्ति।

Puranastudy (सम्भाषणम्) ०७:३५, १२ एप्रिल् २०२० (UTC)puranastudy

Indic Wikisource Proofreadthon II 2020संपादित करें

Sorry for writing this message in English - feel free to help us translating it

We sent you an e-mailसंपादित करें

Hello Sayant Mahato,

Really sorry for the inconvenience. This is a gentle note to request that you check your email. We sent you a message titled "The Community Insights survey is coming!". If you have questions, email surveys@wikimedia.org.

You can see my explanation here.

MediaWiki message delivery (सम्भाषणम्) १८:५३, २५ सेप्टेम्बर् २०२० (UTC)

Indic Wikisource Proofreadthon IIसंपादित करें

Sorry for writing this message in English - feel free to help us translating it

Indic Wikisource Proofreadthon Merchandise for admin/Reviewerसंपादित करें

Sorry for writing this message in English - feel free to help us translating it

Dear Sayant Mahato, the results of the Indic Wikisource Proofreadthon have been published. Thank for your support as an Admin/reviewer.

The Centre for Internet & Society (CIS-A2K) will need to fill out the required information in this Google form to send the contest prize to your address. We assure that this information will be kept completely confidential.

Thank you for your contribution to Wikisource and supporting this contest. Hopefully, Wikisource will continue to enrich your active constructive editing in the future.

Thanks for your contribution
Jayanta (CIS-A2K)
Wikisource Advisor, CIS-A2K

Indic Wikisource Proofreadthon II 2020 - Collect your bookसंपादित करें

Sorry for writing this message in English - feel free to help us translating it

Dear Sayant Mahato,

Thank you and congratulation to you for your participation and support of our 1st Proofreadthon.The CIS-A2K has conducted again 2nd Online Indic Wikisource Proofreadthon 2020 II to enrich our Indian classic literature in digital format in this festive season.


  • Booklist: a collection of books to be proofread. Kindly help us to find some book your language. The book should not be available on any third party website with Unicode formatted text. Please collect the books and add our event page book list. You should follow the copyright guideline describes here. After finding the book, you should check the pages of the book and create Pagelist.
  • Participants: Kindly sign your name at Participants section if you wish to participate this event.
  • Reviewer: Kindly promote yourself as administrator/reviewer of this proofreadthon and add your proposal here. The administrator/reviewers could participate in this Proofreadthon.
  • Some social media coverage: I would request to all Indic Wikisource community members, please spread the news to all social media channels, we always try to convince it your Wikipedia/Wikisource to use their SiteNotice. Of course, you must also use your own Wikisource site notice.
  • Some awards: There may be some award/prize given by CIS-A2K.
  • Time : Proofreadthon will run: from 01 Nov 2020 00.01 to 15 Nov 2020 23.59
  • Rules and guidelines: The basic rules and guideline have described here
  • Scoring: The details scoring method have described here

I really hope many Indic Wikisources will be present this year at-home lockdown.

Thanks for your attention
Jayanta (CIS-A2K)
Wikisource Program officer, CIS-A2K

Requests for comment-Proofreadthonसंपादित करें

Dear friends,
I started a discussion and Request for comment here. Last year we conducted two Proofread-Edithon contest. Your feedback and comments are very much needed to set the future vision of Indic language Wikisource. Although, English might be a common language to discuss, feel free to write in your native language.

On behalf of Indic Wikisource Community

Jayanta Nath. १३:१०, १३ मार्च् २०२१ (UTC)

Requests for comments : Indic wikisource community 2021संपादित करें

(Sorry for writing this message in English - feel free to help us translating it)

Dear Wiki-librarian,

Coming two years CIS-A2K will focus on the Indic languages Wikisource project. To design the programs based on the needs of the community and volunteers, we invite your valuable suggestions/opinion and thoughts to Requests for comments. We would like to improve our working continuously taking into consideration the responses/feedback about the events conducted previously. We request you to go through the various sections in the RfC and respond. Your response will help us to decide to plan accordingly your needs.

Please write in detail, and avoid brief comments without explanations.

Jayanta Nath
On behalf
Centre for Internet & Society's Access to Knowledge Programme (CIS-A2K)

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