एतत् पृष्ठम् परिष्कृतम् अस्ति

the limbs are all enfeebled ; but desire alone is rejuvenating.

निवृत्ता भोगेच्छा पुरुषबहुमानोऽपि गलितः
समानाः स्वर्याताः सपदि सुहृदो जीवितसमाः ।
शनैर्यष्ट्युत्थानं घनतिमिररुद्धे च नयने
अहो मूढः कायस्तदपि मरणापायचकितः ।।8।।

 9. Though my compeers, dear to me as life, have all taken such a speedy flight to heaven (before being overtaken by old age), though the impulse for enjoyment is wearied out and the respect commanded from all persons lost, though my sight is obstructed by deep blindness (or cataract) and the body can raise itself but slowly on the staff, still alas for its silliness, this body startles at the thought of dissolution by death !

आशा नाम नदी मनोरथजला तृष्णातरंगाकुला
रागग्राहवती वितर्कविहगा धैर्यद्रुमध्वंसिनी ।
मोहावर्तसुदुस्तरातिगहना प्रोत्तुङ्गचिन्तातटी
तस्याः पारगता विशुद्धमनसो नन्दन्ति योगीश्वराः ॥१०॥

 10. Hope is like a flowing river of which the ceaseless desires constitute the waters; it rages with the waves of keen longings, and the attachments for various objects are its animals of prey; scheming thoughts of greed are the aquatic birds that abound on it, and it destroys in its course the big trees of patience and fortitude ; it is