पुटपरिशीलयितुं काचित् समस्या अस्ति

wholly discard that wealth which has been actually bringing them enjoyment; whereas we fail to renounce enjoyments which are reaped by us as mere longings and which we never did realize in the past, nor do we realize now nor can we count upon as lasting when obtained (in future).

धन्यानां गिरिकन्दरेषु वसतां ज्योतिः परं ध्यायता-
मानन्दाश्रुकणान् पिबन्ति शकुना निःशङ्कमङ्कशेयाः ।
अस्माकं तु मनोरथोपरचितप्रासादवापीतट-
क्रीडाकाननकेलिकौतुकजुषामायुः परं क्षीयते ॥१४॥

 14. Blessed are those who live in mountain caves meditating on Brahman, the Supreme Light, while birds devoid of fear perch on their laps and drink the tear-drops of Bliss (that they shed in meditation) ; while our life is fast ebbing away in the excitement of revelry in palatial mansions or on the banks of refreshing pools or in pleasure-gardens, all created (and brooded over) merely by imagination.

 [शत्रुना निःशङ्कमङ्कशेयाः-The birds have approached them fearlessly, because they have reached the state of quietism and harmlessness, realizing the oneness of all life.]

भिक्षाशनं तदपि नीरसमेकवारं
शय्या च भूः परिजनो निजदेहमात्रम् ।
वस्त्रं विशीर्ण शतखण्डमयो च कन्था
हा हा तथापि विषया न परित्यजन्ति ॥१५॥