एतत् पृष्ठम् परिष्कृतम् अस्ति

the insect jumps into the glowing fire ; the fish through ignorance eats the bait attached to the hook; whereas we, having full discernment, do not renounce the sensual desires, complicated as they are with manifold dangers; alas, how inscrutable is the power of delusion !

तृषा शुष्यत्यास्ये पिबति सलिलं शीतमधुरं
क्षुधार्ताः शाल्यन्नं कवलयति मांसादिकलितम् ।
प्रदीप्ते कामाग्नौ सुदृढतरमालिङ्गति वधूं
प्रतीकारं व्याधेः मुखमिति विपर्यस्यति जनः ।। १६ ।।

 19. When the mouth is parched with thirst, man takes some cold refreshing (or sweetened) drink; when suffering from hunger he swallows boiled rice made delicious with meat and the like; when set on fire by lust, he fast embraces his wife; so happiness is but the remedying of these diseases (of hunger, thirst, and lust); and behold, how man(i.e. his sense) is upset in its quest !

 [प्रतीकारं व्याधेः सुखमिति- The main point to be understood is this, namely, that worldly happiness is but the temporary remedy we constantly seek for all the diseases with which worldly life is beset. When this relative and fugitive nature of happiness becomes apparent to us, we naturally give up running after it, to seek permanent peace in renunciation.]

तुङ्गं वेश्म सुताः सतामभिमताः संख्यातिगाः संपदः
कल्याणी दयिता वयश्च नवमित्यज्ञानमूढो जनः ।