प्रमुखा विकल्पसूचिः उद्घाट्यताम्
एतत् पृष्ठम् अपरिष्कृतम् अस्ति

मत्वा विश्वमनस्वरं निविशते संसारकारागृहे
संदृश्य क्षणभंगुरं तदखिलं धन्यस्तु संन्यस्यति॥ ॥ २० ॥

 20. Possessed of tall mansions , of sons es. teemed by the learned, of untold wealth, of a beloved wife of beneficence, and of youthful age, and thinking this world to be permanent, men deluded by ignorance run into this prison-house of worldliness; whereas blessed indeed is he who considering the transiency of the same world remoces it

दीना दीनमुखैः सदैव शिशुकैराकृष्टजीर्णाम्बरा
क्रोशद्भिः क्षुधितेनरन्नविधुरा दृश्या न चेद्गेहिनी।
याश्चाभङ्गभयेन गदगलत्रुट्यद्विहीनाक्षरं
को देहीति वदेत् स्वदधजठरस्यार्थे मनस्वी पुमान् ।। २१ ।।

 21. If one had on occasion to see one's wife suffering without food and sore aggrieved at the constant sight of hungry crying children with piteous looks pulling at her Worn-out clothes, what self-respecting man would for the mere sake of his own petty stomach utter **give me (i.e. become a supplicant for favour) in a voice fater ing and sticking at the throat for fear of his prayer being refused ?

गुरुतरगुणग्रामाम्भोजस्फुटोज्ज्वलचन्द्रिका ।