एतत् पृष्ठम् अपरिष्कृतम् अस्ति

विपुलविंग्सलज्जाबल्ली वितानकुञ्जारिका
जठरपिठरी दष्पूरेयं करोति विडम्बनम् ।। २२ ।।

 22. The pit of our stomach so hard to ill is the root indeed of no small undoing: it is ingenious in severing the vital knots, as it were. of our fond self-respect ; it is like the bright moonlight shining on the lotus (that species which blooms only in the sun) of highly esti mable virtues; it is the hatchhet that hews down the luxuriant creepers of our great modesty.

पुण्ये ग्रामे वने वा महति सितपटच्छन्नपालि कपालि
ह्यादाय न्यायगर्भद्विजहुतहुतभुग्धूमधूम्रोपकण्ठे।
द्वारं द्वारं प्रविष्टो वरमुदरदरीपूरणाय क्षुधार्ता
मानी प्राणैः सनाथो न पुनरनुदिनं तुल्यकुल्येषु दीनः ।। २३ ।।

 23. For the sake of filling the cavity of the stomach when hungry, a man of self-respect would wander from door to door with an earthen begging bowl (in hand) having its edge covered with white cloth, away in extensive woodlands or holy places, the outskirts of which are grey all over with the smoke of sacrificial fres tended by Brahmanas versed in ritualistic niceties, and thus preserve the prima, rather than live (like) a beggar from day to day among those who are Socially one's equals.

 [[t should be remembered that living on alms for a man of true renunciation is held in high esteem in India,