एतत् पृष्ठम् अपरिष्कृतम् अस्ति

for no social merit can be higher than giving up the world for the sake of the national ideal of spirituality.

 Woodlands-where rectuses live.

 Covered, etc. --this seems to have been the custom, to prevent the food from being seen by the passers-by.]

विद्याधराध्यषितचारुशिलातलानि ।
स्थानानि कि हिमवतः प्रलयं गतानि
यत्सावमानपरपिण्डरता मनुष्याः ।। २४ ।।

 24. Ah ! is it that those Himalayan soli tudes, cooled by the spray of minutc bits of Gang\'s waves and abounding in beautiful rocky flats such as are the haunts of the Vidyadharas, are all engulfed in destruction, that men in dis grace hang on others for their maintenance ? [कण and शीकर have much the same sense, For कण some read हिम meaning cold The Vidyadharas are unearthly beings with super human skill in arts, specially music.]

किं कन्दाः कन्दरेभ्यः प्रलयमुपगता निर्भरा वा गिरिभ्यः
प्रध्वस्ता वा तFभ्यः सरसफलभृतो वक्रलियश्च शखः ।
वीक्ष्यन्ते यन्मुखानि प्रसभमपगतप्रक्ष्याणां खलनां
दुःखप्तस्वल्पवित्तस्मयपवनवशान्नततभ्रूलतानि ।। २५ ।।

 25 . Or is it that herbs and roots have all disappeared from caves, and streams have gone