एतत् पृष्ठम् अपरिष्कृतम् अस्ति

is cool refreshing drink in holy streams frorn place to place and soft bed made of tender twigs and creepers, still (alas !) men aggrieved with lucre undergo sorrows at the doors of the rich.

ये वर्तन्ते धनपतिपुरः प्रार्थनादुःखभाजो
ये चाल्पत्वं दधति विषयाक्षेपपर्याप्तबुद्ध :
तेषामन्तःस्फुरितहसितं वासराणि रस्मरेयं
ध्यानच्छेदे शिंखरिहरग्नावशय्यानिषण्णः ॥२८॥

 28. Reposing on the bed of stone within the mountain cave, during intervals of meditation, (well) may I recollect with an inward Smile the days of those affilicted through their suing before the rich, or of those grown mean through their inds being content with seeking enjoyments

 [f this verse is read differently with वर्धन्ते for वतन्ते and वासराणां for वासराणि the idea becomes, in the words of MrTelang, this : ‘‘The suppliant of the rich hinks the days too long as he has to sutier the trouble of con stant entreaties often unsuccessful ; the person engaged in the pursuit of world]y objects thinks time too short; be has never enough of it to compass all bis numerous ends . On the other hand the plhitosopher laughs at both for their delusions. In this case ये in lines 1 and 2 refers to days, and for पर्याप्त in line 2 we have to read पयंस्त too.]

ये संतोषनिरन्तरप्रमुदितास्तेषां न भिन्न मुद्दे
ये त्वन्ये धनलुब्धसंकुलधियःतेषां न तृष्णा हता ।