एतत् पृष्ठम् अपरिष्कृतम् अस्ति

इत्थं कस्य कृते कृतः स विधिना कीदृक् पदं संपदां
स्वात्मन्येव समासहेममहिमा मेरुर्न मे रोचते ॥२८॥

 29. The felicity of those, whom content ment unceasingly makes happy, is not interrupted, while the cravings of those of greedy and con- founded minds are never quenched. Such being the case, for whoni did the Creator create the Meru, representing inconceivable wealth, but con fining to itself the glorious potency of its gold ? I would not covet it.

 [कस्य कृते कृतः etc. The idea is that Meru, the (fabled} mountain of gold, serves no useful purpose to anybody and so I would not go in for it (न मे रोचते) : bacause those that are contented feel quite happy without possessing it, and those that hanker after wealth feel never satisfied howsoever big might be their acquisi tionsस्वात्मन्येव समाप्तहेममहिमा– Its gold serves only to glorify itself, but not satisfy the greedy.]

भिक्षाहारमदैन्यमप्रतिसुखं भीतिच्छिदं सवतो
दुर्मात्सर्यमदाभिमानमथनं दुःखौघविध्वंसनम् ।
सर्वत्रान्वहमप्रयत्नसुलभ साधुप्रियं पवन
शंभोः सत्रमवार्यमक्षयनिधि शंसन्ति योगीश्वराः ॥३०॥

 30. The great Yogis describe food which begging brings as follows : it does not humiliate (vide Verse No . 23) ; it is an independent pleasure (i.e. not dependent on the pleasure of