एतत् पृष्ठम् अपरिष्कृतम् अस्ति

 34. Enjoyments are unstable like the break- ing of high billows, life is liable to speedy dis : solution ; the buoyancy of youthful happiness centred in our objects of love lasts for few days. Understanding that the whole world is unsubstan tial, ye wise teachers of men with minds intent on benefiting mankind (by living exemplary lives), put forth your energies (for attaining the highest beatitude)

 [लोकानुग्रहपेशलेन मनसा –लोकानाम् of men अनुग्रहे tot the benefiting (out of kindness) पेशलं attached. The sense is that out of sympathy for suffering mankind, you shall ( by your exemplary lives and your counsels show men the way to cross the ocean of sayiran (world).]

भोगा मेघवितानमध्यविलसत्सौदामिनीचञ्चला
आयुर्वायुविघट्टिताब्जपटलीलीनाम्बुवभंगुरम् ।
लोला यौवनलालसास्तनुभृतामित्याकलय्य द्रुतं
योगे घेरेंसमाधिसिद्धसुलभ बुद्धि विधध्वं बुधाः ॥३५॥

 35. Enjoyments of embodied beings are feet ing like the quick play of lightning within a mass of clouds ; life is as insecure as a drop of water attached to the edge of a lotus-leaf and dispersed by the wind ; the desires of youth are unsteady ; realizing these quickly, let the wise firmly fix their minds in Yoga, easily attainable by patience and equanimity.