एतत् पृष्ठम् अपरिष्कृतम् अस्ति

from women. (Then oh me, say if there is a particle of happiness in the world.

 [The idea is that none of the stages of life, begining rom the embryo, are worth livingas they are attended with serious drawbacks.]

व्याघव तिष्ठति जरा परितर्जयन्ती
रोगाश्च शत्रव इव प्रहरन्ति देहम् ।
आयः परिस्रवति भिन्नघETदेशम्भ
लोकस्तथाप्यहितमाचरतीतेि चित्रम् ॥३८॥

 38. Old age loons (Chead} fightering Ten like a tigress ; (different diseases affilict the (human) body like enemies; life is flowing away like water running out of a leaky vessel ; stati, how wonderful, that mat goes on doing w[cked deeds !

भोगा भंगुरवृत्तयो बहुविधतैरेव चायं भनः
स्तकस्येह कृते परिभ्रमत वे लोकाः कृतं चेति
आशापाशशतोपशान्तिविशदं चेतः समधीयज्ञां
कामोत्पत्तिवशात् स्वमनि अदि लढयमस्मद्वचः ॥३६॥

 39. Manifold and transitory in sature are the enjoyments and of such is this world ride up. So what for would you andler atout here, O men ? Cease exerting yourselves for the1. and if you put faith in our word, on its Supreme Foundation (lit, abode concentrate your mind,