एतत् पृष्ठम् अपरिष्कृतम् अस्ति

purified by quelling hope with its hundred mesh . es, and frced from its liability to create desire

 [कामोत्पत्तिवशत-(We accept this reading as found in the edition we translate from, but the meaning given of it by the commentator Budhendra We do not here follow He makes the expression qualify the verb ‘concentrate, explaining काम as अनुराग or love. His meaning thus becormes : swayed by the development of love or Bhakti)--Literally, (turned) away from the sway (वश) of the rise of desires.

 Enjoyments are transitory individually and inexhaus tible collectively, so we are in = never-ending wild-goose chase which brings in turns stimulation and grief. Desire produces this terrible entanglement and hope, keeps it on. Therefore don't exert yourself for these enjoyments but freeing your mind from hope and desire set it high on its supreme goal. This is the argument.

 Another reading seems to be कामोच्छित्तिवश which means - “'attainable by the uprooting of desires. "

ब्रह्मन्द्रादिमरुद्गणांस्तृणकणान्यत्र स्थितो मन्यते
यत्स्वादाङ्गिरसा भवन्ति विभवास्त्रैलोक्यराज्यादयः ।
भगः कोऽपि स एक एव परमो नित्योदितो नृम्भते
भो साधो क्षणभंगरे तदितरे भोगे रति मा धाः ॥ ४० ॥

 40. There is one Enjoyment and one alone, lasting, immutable, and supreme, of which the taste renders tasteless the greatest possessions, such as the sovereignty of the three worlds, and established in which a Brahma, Indra, or the gods