एतत् पृष्ठम् अपरिष्कृतम् अस्ति

(i.e. their positions) appear like particles of grass Do not, oh Sudhu, set your beart on any epthem eral enjoyment other than that.

स रम्या नगरी महान्स नृपतिः सामन्तचक्र च ल-
पाश्र्वे तस्य च सा विदग्धपरिषदश्चन्द्र विश्वननः।
उद्वृत्तः स च राजपुत्रनिवहस्ते बन्दिनस्ताः कथाः
सवं यस्य वशादगात् स्मृतिपथं कालव तस्मै नमः ॥ ४१ ॥

 41. That lovely city, that grand monarch, and that circle of feudatory Kings at his side, that cabinet of shrewd counsellors of his and those beauties with moon-like faces, that group of way ward princes,those court-ristres a^ their songs of praise-~~under whose pagwer all this fleeted away and became objects of memory, to that Ka (time or the principle of charge salutation = [उवृत्त -Another reading is उद्रिक्त which means iaughty'.]

यत्रानेकः क्वचिदपि गृहे तत्र तिंट्यथैको
यत्राप्येकस्तदनु बहवस्तत्र नैकोऽपि चान्ते
इत्थं नेयौ रजनिदिवसौ लोलयन् द्वाविवाक्षौ
कालः कल्यो भुधनफलके . क्रीडति प्राणिशरैः ॥४२॥

 42. Where in some home (or, a square im the case of a checkerboardthere once were mary, there is now one, and where there was one or many successively, there is zone at the end (of