एतत् पृष्ठम् अपरिष्कृतम् अस्ति

the gamme)--this is the process in which expert Kall plays (his game) on the checkerboard of this world with living beings as the pieces to be moved, and casting the two dice of day and night.

आदित्यस्य गतागतैरहरहः संक्षीथते जीवितं
व्यापारैर्बहुकार्यभारगुरुभिः कालोऽपि न ज्ञायते ।
दृष्ट्वा जन्मजराविपत्तिमरणं त्रासश्च नोत्पद्यते ।
पीत्वा मोहमथ प्रमादमदिरामुन्मत्तभूतं जगत् ।।४३।।

 43 . Daily, with the rising and setting of the sun, life shortens, and time (i.e. its fight) is not felt on account of affairs heavily burdened with manifold activities. Neither is fear produced at beholding birth, death, old age, and sufferings. (Alas), the world is become mad by drinking the stupefying wine of delusion

रात्रिः सेवे पुनः स एव दिवसो मत्वा मुधा जन्तवो
धावन्युद्यमिनस्तथैव निभृतप्रारखधतत्तत्क्रियाः।
व्यापारेः पुनरुत्तभूतविषयेरिस्थंविधेनामुना
संसारेण फदथिता वयमहो मोहूल लज्जगहै ।।४४।।

 44, Seeing even the same night to be ever following the same dayin Vain do creatures ruun on (their Worldly courst) perseveringly and busy with various activities set agoing secretly, i.e. by individual mental resolYes. Alaus, through infat uation we do not feel asharmed at being thus