एतत् पृष्ठम् अपरिष्कृतम् अस्ति

befooled by this saisara (life) with occupations in which the same particulars repeat themselves !

 [The idea is : How profound|y deluded by desire we live ! For never growing old itself, it makes all things look fresh and new, otherwise no worldly pursuit has any real novelty. They are as stale as the uniform appearance of day and night, following each other.

न ध्यातं पदमीश्वरस्य विधिवत्संसारविच्छित्तये
स्वर्गद्वारकवाटपाटनपटुर्धर्मोऽपि नोपाजितः ।
नारीपीनपयोधरोरुयुगलं स्वप्नेऽपि नालिङ्गितं
मातुः केवलमेव यौवनवनच्छेदे कुठारा वयम् ।।४४।।

 [न ध्यातं etc. -The feet of the Lord have not been meditated upon (by me) in due form for he sake of doing away with this saisra or worldly bondage. स्वर्गद्वार-etc.—Neither has dhart (merit through per . formance of religious duties) been earned, such as is strong to knock open the gates of heaven. मातुः केवलमेव etc.- We have simply proyed to be hatchets, as it were, to cut down the garden of our mother's youth, i.e., we have simply made su mother ला through viving birth to us, that is the only reBut we find worthy of montion.]

नाभेपला प्रसिद्धादिवृन्ददमी बिंझा बिली तोचिंग
खड्गाग्रि’: करिकुम्भपीष्टदलैनकिं न नीतं यशः ।
कान्ताकोमलपल्लवरभः पीतो न चन्द्रोदये
सा ण्यं गतमेव पिञ्जलमहं शून्याने दीपवत् ।। ४६ ।।