एतत् पृष्ठम् परिष्कृतम् अस्ति

nearer to our fall day by day, our condition being comparable to that of trees on the sandy bank of a river.

[ चिरपरिचिताः—A simpler reading is चिरपरिगताः । ।
आयुर्वर्षशतं नृणां परिमितं रात्रौ तदर्धं गतं
तस्यार्धस्य परस्य चार्धमपरं बालत्ववृद्धत्वयोः।
शेषं व्याधिवियोगदुःखसहितं सेवादिभिर्नीयते
जीवे वारितरङ्गचञ्चलतरे सौख्यं कुतः प्राणिनाम् ॥४॥

 49. The life of man (as ordained) is limited to one hundred years; half of it is spent in night. and out of the other half one half again is passed in childhood and old age; and the rest which has its illness, bereavements, and troubles is spent in serving (others). What happiness can there be for mortals in a life (again) which is even more uncertain than the ripples (on the surface) of water?

क्षणं बालो भूत्वा क्षणमपि युवा कामरसिकः
क्षणं वित्तैर्हीनः क्षणमपि च संपूर्णविभवः ।
जराजीर्णैरङ्गैर्नट इव वलीमण्डिततनु-
र्नरः संसारान्ते विशति यमधानीयवनिकाम् ॥५०॥

 50. Now a child for a while and then a youth of erotic ways, a destitute now for a while and then in abundance, just like an actor, man makes at the end of his role -- when diseased in all limbs by age and wrinkled all over the body--his exit