प्रमुखा विकल्पसूचिः उद्घाट्यताम्
एतत् पृष्ठम् परिष्कृतम् अस्ति

मविनयमनुमन्तुं नोत्सहे दुर्जनानाम् ॥५४॥

 54. Fruits for food, tasteful water for drink, bare ground to lie upon, barks of trees for clothing, are sufficient (for us), I cannot bring myself to approve of the misbehaviour of evil men whose senses are all led astray by drinking the wine of newly acquired wealth

अशीमहि वयं भिक्षामाशावासो वसीमहि ।
शयीमहि महीपृष्ठे कुर्वीमहि किमीश्वरैः ॥५५॥

 55. Let us eat the food we have begged ; ळल्et the sky be our clothing ; ]et us lie down on the surface of the earth ; what have we to do with the rich ?

 [ आशा-–the four quarters. ]

न नटा न विटा न गायका
न च सभ्येतरवादचुञ्चवः ।
नृपमीक्षितुमत्र के वयं
स्तनभारानमिता न योषितः ५६॥

 56. Who are we to go to see a king-not dancers , court-jesters, or singers, nor experts an (learned} disputes with others in a court. nor youthful court mistresses ! (That is, we have absoutely no business to go to a king)

 [The विट is generally a parasite of a prince.]