एतत् पृष्ठम् परिष्कृतम् अस्ति

मविनयमनुमन्तुं नोत्सहे दुर्जनानाम् ॥५४॥

 54. Fruits for food, tasteful water for drink, bare ground to lie upon, barks of trees for clothing, are sufficient (for us), I cannot bring myself to approve of the misbehaviour of evil men whose senses are all led astray by drinking the wine of newly acquired wealth

अशीमहि वयं भिक्षामाशावासो वसीमहि ।
शयीमहि महीपृष्ठे कुर्वीमहि किमीश्वरैः ॥५५॥

 55. Let us eat the food we have begged ; ळल्et the sky be our clothing ; ]et us lie down on the surface of the earth ; what have we to do with the rich ?

 [ आशा-–the four quarters. ]

न नटा न विटा न गायका
न च सभ्येतरवादचुञ्चवः ।
नृपमीक्षितुमत्र के वयं
स्तनभारानमिता न योषितः ५६॥

 56. Who are we to go to see a king-not dancers , court-jesters, or singers, nor experts an (learned} disputes with others in a court. nor youthful court mistresses ! (That is, we have absoutely no business to go to a king)

 [The विट is generally a parasite of a prince.]