एतत् पृष्ठम् परिष्कृतम् अस्ति

विपुलहृदयैरीशैरेतज्जगज्जनितं पुरा
विधृतमपरैर्दत्तं चान्यैर्विजित्य तृणं यथा।
इह हि भुवनान्यन्ये धीराश्चतुर्दश भुञ्जते
कतिपयपुरस्वाम्ये पुंसां क एष मदज्वरः ॥५७

 57. In ancient times (the kingdom of) this world was created by some large-hearted monarchs; by some was it sustained (i.e. ruled) and by others was it conquered and given away like straw. Even now, some heroes enjoy the fourteen divisions of the world. For what then is this feverish pride of men having sovereignty over a few towns only ?

 [ चतुर्दश भवनानेि—The fourteen divisions of the world, that is, the entire created universe.]

अभुक्तायां यस्यां क्षणमपि न जातं नृपशत-
र्भुवस्तस्या लाभे क इव बहुमानः क्षितिभृताम् ।
तदंशस्याप्यंशे तदवयवलेशेऽपि पतयो
विषादे कर्तव्ये विदधति जडाः प्रत्युत मुदम् ।५८।।

 58 . What high dignity, alas, is there for kings in gaining that earth which has never for a moment been left unenjoyed by hundreds of rulers! The stupid owners of even a shred of the limb of a fraction of its fraction (i.e. of the most minute particle) feel delighted, whereas, on the contrary, they ought to grieve !