एतत् पृष्ठम् परिष्कृतम् अस्ति

मृत्पिण्डो जलरेखया वलयितः सर्वोऽप्ययं नन्वणुः
स्वांशीकृत्य तमेव संगरशतै राज्ञां गणा भुञ्जते ।
ते दद्युर्ददतोऽथवा किमपरं क्षुद्रा दद्धि भृशं
धिग्धिक्तान्पुरुषाधमान्धनकणान् वाञ्छन्ति तेभ्योऽपि ये ॥५९॥

 59. It (the earth) is but a lump of cay circled by a ring of water! Even the whole of it is but a particle. Hosts of kings, having parti tioned it after fighting hundreds of battles, enjoy it. These very poor insignificant persons may or do give. Nothing is strange for them. But down right shame on those mean fellows who would beg bits of coin from them even!

 [May or do give—to indulge in a bit of self-gratification.]

स जातः कोऽप्यासीन्मदनरिपुणा मूर्ध्नि धवलं
कपालं यस्योच्चैर्विनिहितमलंकारविधये ।
नृभिः प्राणत्राणप्रवणमतिभिः कैश्चिदधुना
नमद्भिः कः पुंसामयमतुलदर्पज्वरभरः ॥६०॥

 60. That man is indeed born (truly great) whose white skull (after death) is placed by (Siva) the enemy of Madana (Cupid) high on the head as an ornament ; (and) what is (worth) this rising fever of exceeding pride in men, who are nowadays adored by some people with minds intent on the preservation of their lives !