एतत् पृष्ठम् अपरिष्कृतम् अस्ति

 64. Clear of delusion and earn devotion to Him whose crown is begemmed with the crescent. Oh heart, accept attachment to some spot on the banks of the celestial river (Gaiga). What reli ability is there on waves or bubbles, fashes of lightning or (Smiles of) fortune, in tongues of fame, serpents, or hosts of friends ?

चेतश्चिन्तय मा रमां सकृदिसमस्थायिनीमस्थया
भूपालभृकुटीकुटीविहरणव्यापारपण्याङ्गनाम् ।
कन्थाकञ्चुकिनः प्रविश्य भवनद्वाराणि वाराणसी
रथ्यापंक्तियु पाणिपात्रपतितां भिक्षामपेक्षामहे ॥६५॥

 65. 0 heart, never for a while earnestly think of the frail goddess of fortune, whose business is to sell herself away while moving in her haunt, namely, the wrinkle of a king's brow (i.e. the bargain is struck by the smile or the frown of kings). Let us clothe ourselves in ragged garments and entering the doors of houses in the streets of Varanasi wait for the alms to be placed in the receptacle of our hands.

अग्र गीतं सरसकवयः पाश्र्वयोदक्षिणात्याः
पश्चाल्लीलावलयरणितं चामरग्राहिणीनाम् ।
यद्यस्त्वेवं कुरु भवरसास्वादने लम्पटत्वं
न चेचतेः प्रविश सहसा निविकल्पे समाधौ ।।६६।।

 66. If there are songs (going on) before you, sweet (skilful) poets from the South by your side