एतत् पृष्ठम् अपरिष्कृतम् अस्ति

and the tinkling of the moving bracelets of female waiters with waving chories in their hands, then lavishly attach thySelf to the enjoynent of worldly happiness. If otherwise, O my heart, then plunge into the absolute type of meditation.

[निबकल्प समाधि-—The deepest concentration losing al separate consciousness of the knower, the known, and the knowing . चमर is the bushy tail of the yak used as a fan, being one of the insignia of royalty.

The argument in this sloka is that if you can find only enjoyment everywhere, you may enjoy, but really such enjoyment cannot be found in this World of miseryAll worldly pleasures are transient and limited. For in the next sloka we find that the author is preaching the useless- ness of the fulfilment of worldly desires.]

प्राप्ताः श्रियः सकलकामदुघास्ततः कि
न्यस्तं पदं शिरसि विद्विषतां ततः किम् ।
संपादिताः प्रणयिनो विभवैस्ततः कि
कल्पस्थितस्तनुभृतां तनवस्ततः किम् ।६७।

 67. Though embodied beings obtain that prosperity from which all desires are milked, what then ? What if their feet be placed on the heads of their enemies ? Or what if their wealth brings friends, or if their bodies endure till the end of the creative cycle ?

भक्तिर्भवे मरणजन्मभयं हृदिस्थं
स्नेहो न बन्धषु न मन्मथजा विकाराः ।