एतत् पृष्ठम् अपरिष्कृतम् अस्ति

संसर्गदोषरहिता विजन वनान्ता
वैराग्यमस्ति क्रिमितः परमर्थनीयम् ।।६८।।

 68. When there is devotion for Siva, as also fear of birth and death in the heart, no attach ment for family, no excitement of sexual passions -when there is the Solitude of forest depths un sulkhed by the company (of worldly men, and there is renunciation-what better, then, is to be wished for ?

तस्मादनन्तमजरं परमं विकासि
तद्ब्रह्म चिन्तय किमेभिरसद्विकल्पः।
यस्यानुषङ्गिण इमें भुवनाधिपत्य-
भोगादयः कृपणलोकमता भवन्ति ।।६६lt

 69. What avails all this agitating over the unreal ? Meditate, therefore, on that Supreme, in finite, ageless, effulgent Brahman, in the light of which all such enjoyments as the sovereignty of the world appear as the desires of pitiable men !

पातालमाविशसि यासि नभो विलङ्घय
दिङ्मण्डलं भ्रमसि मानस चपलेन ।
भ्रान्त्यापि जातु विमलं कथमात्मनीनं
न ब्रह्म संस्मरसि निधृतिमेशि येन ।n७० ।।

 70. Being thus agitated, O mind, thou (now descendest into the nether regions, (nowsoarest