एतत् पृष्ठम् अपरिष्कृतम् अस्ति

up beyond the skies, and wanderest all around the four quarters. Why, even by mistake, thou dost not once concentrate on that Brahman, of the nature of Self and bereft of all imperfections, whereby you may attain supreme bliss !

 [आत्मनीनम्-means *'belonging to Self,” as the real state of Self is Brahman. The other reading आत्मलीनम् would mean, ‘‘submerged in Self, being its substance or reality.

किं वेदैः स्मृतिभि पुराणपठनेः शास्त्रेर्महाविस्तरैः
स्वर्गग्रामचैटीनिवासफलदैः कर्मक्रियाधिभूमेः।
मुधकं भवदुःखभाररचनाविध्वंसकालानल
स्वात्मानन्दपदप्रवेशकलनं शर्षेर्बाणिग्वृत्तिभिः ॥७१॥

 71. What are worth the Vedas. the Smyrtis, the readings from the Puranas, the vast Sastras, or the mazes of ceremoniais, which give us, as their fruits, a resting-place in heaven, (which is, as it were, ) a village (interspersed) with huts! All else is but the bargaining of traders except that one way which admits one into the state of Supreme bliss in one's Self. and which is like the (final) destructive fire to consume the evolving mass of Worldly miseries.

 [The Sastras, by which are meant here logic, grammar, etc., and the six systems of philosophy, are said to be vast because of the amplitude of comment, illustration and argument with which their doctrines have been developed.}