एतत् पृष्ठम् अपरिष्कृतम् अस्ति

वर्ण' सितं झटिति बोध्य शिरोरुहाणां
स्थानं जरापरिभवस्य तदा पुमांसम् ।।
आरोपितास्थिशतकं परिहृत्य यान्ति
चण्डालकूपमिव ' दूरतरं तक्षयः ॥ ७४ ॥

 74. Seeing the grey hairs on the head of a man, emblematic of discomfiture by old age, outhful women at once fy away from him, as if from a Chandala’s (the untouchable in caste) well whereon is placed a structure of bones !

 [ आरपितास्थिशतकं—May be taken to qualify पुमांसम् or कूपम् , if it be taken to qualify the former, it would mean : this franework of bones (meaning the old man) It was a custom in former times with the Chandalas to line their well with boxes for ornamentation.]

यावत्स्वस्थमिदं शरीरमरुजं यावज्जरा झरतो
यावच्चेन्द्रियशक्तिरप्रतिहता यावक्षयो नायुषः ।
आत्मश्रेयसि तावदेव विदुषा कार्यः प्रयतो महा
संदीप्ते भवने तु कूपखननं प्रत्युद्यमः कीदृशः ॥ ७५ ॥

 75. As long as this body is free from disease and decrepitude, as long as s¢nility is far off, as long as the powers of the senses are unaffected and life is not decaying. so long, wise persons should put forth mighty exertions for the sake of their Supretre good, for when the house is on fire what avails setting about digging a well (for water) ?