एतत् पृष्ठम् अपरिष्कृतम् अस्ति

society, delightful the narratives in poetical litera ture, and delightful the face of the beloved swimming in the tear-drops of ( feigned ) anger . Everything is charming, but nothing is so when the mind is possessed by the evanescence of things.

रम्यं हयंतलं न कि वसतये श्रव्यं न गेयादिकं
कि वा प्राणसमासमगममुखं नैवधिकप्रीतये ।
कितु भ्रान्तपतङ्गयक्षपवनव्यालोलदीपाङ्करः
च्छायाचञ्चलमाकलय्य सकलं सन्तो वनान्तं गताः ।। ८० ।।

 80. Is not a palace pleasant to dwell in ? Is not music with its accompaniments agreeable to listen to? Is not the society of women, dear as life itself, very pleasing ? Yet, wise men have gone away to the forest, regarding these things as un stable as the shadow of a lamp's filame flickering through the puf of the wings of a deluded moth

 [ शान्त also has the meaning of hovering.' ]

आसंसारात्त्रिभुवनमिदं चिन्वतां तात ताद्
हुनेवास्माकं नयनपदवीं श्रोत्रमार्ग” गतो बा ।
योऽयं धत्ते विषयकरिणीगाढणूढाभिमानः
क्षीबस्यान्तकरणकारिणः संयमानायलीलाम् ॥ ८१ ॥

 81. Oh dear ! in our quest through the three worlds from the very beginning of their creation, none such has come within sight or hearing, that