एतत् पृष्ठम् अपरिष्कृतम् अस्ति

किं युक्त सहसाभ्युपेति बलवान्कालः कृतान्तोऽक्षमी
हा ज्ञातं मदनान्तकाङत्रियुगलं मुक्त्वास्ति नान्या गतिः ॥८३॥ ।

 83. Desires have worn off in our heart. Aas! youth has also passed away from the body. The virtues have proved barren for want of apprecia tive admirers. The powerful, all-destroying, un relenting Death is fast has tening in ! What is to be done ? Ah me ! I see there is no other refuge left except the feet of the Destroyer of Cupid [ मदनान्तक–Siva is so called in allusion to His having turned the god Cupid to ashes on the eve of His marriage with Gauri. ]

महेश्वरे वा जगतामधीश्वरे
जनार्दने वा जगदन्तरात्मनि ।
न वस्तुभेदप्रतिपत्तिरस्ति ।
तथापि भक्तिस्तरुणेन्द्रशेखरे ॥ । ८४ ।। ।

 84. I make no difference in substance between Siva, the Lord of the universe and Visnu, the in most Self of the universe. But still my devotion is (attached to the One in whose crest there is the crescent nmoon

 [ This oka has been brought forward by the poet as a doubt may arise in the mind from the preceding loka where the poet says that Siva is the only Lord to take our refuge in. Here the poet says that really there is no difference between Siva and Vishnu . But he is by