एतत् पृष्ठम् अपरिष्कृतम् अस्ति

nature attached to Siva. This is what is called Isra nigthi, or the devotion to one's own ideal.

 The word Janardana has been variously derived, the verb अ→ meaning both ‘destroying" and 'protecting' . If the former meaning be taken, then the word would mean **slayer of he Janas' (some demons living in the sea.)

 जगदन्तरात्मनि—This word has been variously inter- preted: (1) the inmost Self of the universe', (2) ‘‘One, who is the knower of all inner things in the universe' ', (3) One who is the Self of all in the universe, or it- may mean, (4) <in whose Self is the whole universe. }

स्पुरत्रज्योत्स्नाधवलिततले क्वापि पुलिने
सुखासीनाः शान्तध्वनिषु रजनीषु धूसरितः ।
भवाभोगोद्विग्नाः शिव शिव शिवेत्युचवचसः
कदा यास्यामोऽन्तगतबहुलबाष्पाकुलदशम् ।। ८५ ।।

 85. Sitting in peaceful posture, during nights when all sounds are stilled into sience, some where on the banks of the heavenly river which shine with the white glow of the bright-diffused moonlightand fearful of, the miseries of birth and death, crying aloud f*Siva, Siva, Siva,” an ! when shall we attain that ecstasy which is charac terized by copious tears of joy held in internal control !

 [ The last line reads ais differently-कदा स्यामानन्दोत बहलबाष्पाकुलदृशः .When shall we have our eyes filled with copious tears arising out of joy ?!