एतत् पृष्ठम् अपरिष्कृतम् अस्ति

आत्मारामः फलाशी गुरुवचनरतस्त्वत्प्रसादात्स्मरारे
दुःखं मोक्ष्ये कदाहं समक्ररचरणे पुंसि सेवासमुपथम् । ८८ ।।

 88. Having bathed in the waters of the Gaiga and worshipped Thee,O Lord, with unblem ished fruits and fowers and having concentrated my mind, by my stony bed within the mountain cave, on the object of my meditation—blissful in the Seif alone, living on fruits, and devoted to the Guru's words-when shall I, O Thou Enemy of Cupid, through Thy grace becomme released from the grief which has arisen from my serving the man of prosperity ?

 [ समकरचरणे—with the sign of a shark in | the feet" said to be a sign of uncommon prosperity | according to the science of divination by bodily signs. ]

एकाकी निःस्पृहः शान्तः पाणिपात्रो दिगम्बरः ।
कदा शंभो भविष्यामि कर्मनिर्मलनक्षमः ॥ ८ ॥

 89. O Siva, when shall I, living alone, free from desires, peaceful in mind, with only the hand to eat from and the four quarters for garment (i.e. naked), be able to root out all Karma ?

पाणि पात्रयतां निसर्गशुचिना भैक्षेण संतुष्यतां
यत्र क्वापि निषीदतां बहुतृणं विश्वं मुहुः पश्यताम् ।
अस्यागेऽपि तनोरखण्डपरमानन्दावबोधस्पृशा
मध्व कोऽपि शिवप्रसादसुलभः संपत्स्यते योगिनाम् ।। ६० ॥