एतत् पृष्ठम् अपरिष्कृतम् अस्ति

surely does not become agitated by the movement of a little fish.

 [Just as a fish cannot set up a swaying of the ocean, so this universe, a mere irage in Pune Cotusciousess cannot move the wise me yb ided y themselves with it, to any idea of covetousness. मण्डलं may simply mean *an orb". which being = me thing is of little count to the wise man,

मातर्लक्ष्मि भजस्व कंचिदपरं मकाइक्षिणी मा स्म भू-
भ गेषु स्पृहयालवस्तव वशे का निःस्पृहाणामसि
सद्यःस्यूतपलाशपत्रपुटिकापात्रे पवित्रीकृते
भिक्षावस्तृभिरेव संप्रतिं वयं वृत्तिं समीहामहे ॥ ४३ ॥

93. O Mother Lakshmi (Goddess of wealth , serve (thou) someone else ; do not be longing for me. Those who desire enjoyment are subject to thee. but what art thoi to us who are free from desire8 ? Now we wish to live upon food articles obtained from begging and placed, (conformably to its) being sanctified, in a receptacle of Palaka leaves pieced together on the spot

 [These Palaka vessels are enjoined in the Smrtis as purifying the food kept in them.}

महाशय्या पृथ्वी विपुलमुपधानं भुजलता
वितानं चाकाशं व्यजनभनुकूलोऽयमनिल।
शरच्चन्द्रो दीपो विरतिवनितासङ्गमुक्तिः
सुखी शान्तः शेते मुनिरनुभूतिनृप इव ॥ e४ ।।