एतत् पृष्ठम् अपरिष्कृतम् अस्ति

 94, The earth is his high bed. the arms his ample pillow, the sky is his canopy, the genia) breeze his fan, the autumnal moon is his lamp, and rejoicing in the company of abnegation as his wife, he sage lies down. happily, and peace fully, like a monarch of undiminished glory.

भिक्षाशी जनमध्यसङ्गरहितः स्वायत्तचेष्टः सदा
हानादानविरक्तमार्गनिरतः कश्चित्तपस्वी स्थितः ।
रथ्याकर्णविशीर्णजीर्णवसनः संप्राप्तकन्थासनो
निर्मान निरहंकृतिः शमसुखभोगैकबद्धस्पृहः ।। ६५ ।।

 95. There lives the real ascetic who feeds him self on alms, unattached to the society of men, always free in his efforts (i.e. without obligation or restraint from outside) and pursuing a path of indifference as regards what to give up or What to take; his worn out garment is made up of rags cast away in the streets, and his seat is a blanket received by chance ; he is devsid of pride and egoism and he is concerned only in enjoying the happiness arising from the control of mind.

चण्डालः किमयं द्विजातिरथवा शूद्रोऽथ किं तापसः
किं वा तत्त्वविवेकपेशलमतियगीश्वरः कोऽपि किम् ।
इत्युत्पन्नविकल्पजपमुखरेराभाष्यमाणा जन
र्ने क्रद्धाः पथि नैव तुष्टमनसों यान्ति स्वयं योगिनः ।। ६६ ।।

 96. When accosted by people who loquaci ously express doubt and surmise, such as f/s he