एतत् पृष्ठम् अपरिष्कृतम् अस्ति

a Chandala, or a twice-born one, or a Sudra, or an ascetic, or perhaps some supreme Yogi with his mind full of the discrimination of Reality, the Yogis themselves go their way neither pleased nor displeased in mind .

 [The Chandala is accursed beyond the pale of the four castes , while the Sudra belongs to the fourth caste. The Brahmana, Katriya, and Vaisya form the three twice-born castes.]

हिंसाशून्यमयललभ्यमशनं धात्रा मरुत्कल्पितं
व्यालान पशवस्तृणाङ्करभुजस्तुष्टाः स्थलीशायिनः ।
संसारार्णवलद्धनक्षमधियां वृत्तिः कृता सा नृणा
तामन्वेषयतां प्रयान्ति सततं सर्वं समाप्त गुणा: ।। ६७ ।।

 97. (If) for serpents (even) air has been provided by the Creator as food obtainable with out killing or toiling ; (if ) beasts are contented with feeding on grass-sprouts and lying on ground; for men (also} with intelligence strong enough to lead across the ocean of transmigratory exist ence, some such livelihood has been created; and those who seek this have all their gunas invaria bly brought to their final dissolution

 [When the gas -- s?I ya, Yajas, and vanta5-> are finally reduced ( to the inactivity of equipoise, the Yogi reaches beyond Mivi.

 The last line may also be interpreted differently But in rummaging for it all one's virtues are apt to come to an end.]