एतत् पृष्ठम् परिष्कृतम् अस्ति

 As is customary with Sanskrit poets this verse is dedicatory (to Siva in this instance), as forming an auspicious introduction.]

भ्रान्तं देशमनेकदुर्गविषमं प्राप्तं न किञ्चित् फलं
त्यक्त्वा जातिकुलाभिमानमुचितं सेवा कृता निष्फला ।
भुक्तं मानविवर्जितं परगृहेष्वाशङ्कया काकव-
त्तृष्णे झृम्भसि पापकर्मपिशुने नाद्यापि संतुष्यसि ॥२॥

 2. Many are the inaccessible and perilous places I have travelled and yet obtained no riches; sacrificing proper dignity of birth and social position, in vain have I served myself, devoid of self-respect, at the house of others in the expectation of gain; and yet, oh ! Desire, thou prompter of evil deeds, thou art waxing lustier and art not still satisfied.

 [अनेकदुर्गविषमं rendered difficult of access by various obstacles फलं result (but here), wealth आशङ्कया hankering (after gain) पापकर्मपिशुने indicative of evil deeds.]

उत्खातं निधिशङ्कया क्षितितलं ध्माता गिरेर्धातवो
निस्तीर्ण: सरितां पतिर्न पतयो यत्नेन संतोपिता: ।
मन्त्राराधनतत्परेण मनसा नीता: श्मशाने निशाः
प्राप्तः काणवराटकोऽपि न मया तृष्णे सकामा भव ॥३॥

 3. The earth have I digged into in quest of precious minerals, and metals from rocks have I smelted; the ocean have I Crossed, and the favour