एतत् पृष्ठम् परिष्कृतम् अस्ति

of kings have I diligently sought ; nights have I spent on burning grounds with my mind occupied with mantras and worship;'and not even a broken cowrie have I obtained; be satisfied, therefore, oh Desire !

खलालापाः सोढा: कथमपि तदाराधनपरै-
र्निगृह्यान्तर्बाष्पं हसितमपि शून्येन मनसा ।
कृतो वित्तस्तम्भप्रतिहतधियामञ्जलिरपि
त्वमाशे मोघाशे किमपरमतो नर्तयसि माम् ॥४॥

 4. In our servile attendance on the (wealthy) wicked, their shabby manners and talk we have somehow put up with ; suppressing tears that welled up from our hearts , we have smiled out of vacant minds; obeisance we have made to dullards stultified by too much wealth ; in what more fooleries wouldst thou have me dance, oh Desire, thou of ungratified yearning !

 [वित्तस्तम्भप्रतिहतधियाम् those rendered dull in intellect by inactivity due to too much wealth मोघाशे with hopes thwarted. Another reading is चित्तस्तम्भ : as a separate word. The meaning then would be : "We have restrained our feelings and made obeisance", etc.]

अमोषां प्राणानां तुलितबिसिनीपत्रपयसां
कृते किं नास्माभिर्विगलितविवेकैर्व्यवसितम् ।

This forms a part of the mysterious rites to be gone through by those who invoke supernatural agencies for obtaining riches.