पुटमेतत् सुपुष्टितम्

Dvaraka, Ayodaya, Gaya, Magadha, Vrsacala, Venkatacala, Kanci, Cidambara, Madurai, Gokarna, Jagannatha, Kasmira, etc. He established on a firm ground the six system, Saura, Vaisnava, Saiva, Sakta, Ganapatya and Bhairava, after reforming them. He founded five Mahalingas, namely, Bhogalinga at Srimatha in Srngeri, Varalinga at Nilakantha Ksetra in Nepal, Bhaktilinga, at Kedara Ksetra, also in Nepal, Moksalinga at Cidambaram and Yogalinga in the Srimatha at Kancipura. He also established Mutts and a number of Mahayantras in various temples like Sricakrayantra in the temple of Sri Kamaksi at Kancipuram. He subdued Sarada by proving his superiority in all the Sastras, including the Kamasastra, which he learnt after entering into the body of a dead king. Finally he ascended the Sarvajnapitha and at the end of his 32nd year, he returned to his permanent abode Kailasa.

 It is no wonder then that ancient and modern poets wrote many a work dealing with the life history of Sri Sankaracarya. Later authors dealing with this topic narrate certain incidents that have been overlooked by the ancient poets.

 Among the works on Sri Sankarta may be mentioned the one by name SANKARAVIJAYA by Sri Bhagavadanandagiri. It contains seventy-four Prakaranas and is a mixed Kavya (Campu) consisting of both prose, passages and verses. Next may be mentioned the prose work by name SANKARAVIJAYAVILASA written by Sricidvilasa, consisting of thirty-two chapters. The third is a brief resume on the life of the great philosopher, by name SAMKSEPASANKARAVIJAYA. Its author is Madhava, and it consists of sixteen Sargas. Again, Sri Govindanatha wrote SANKARACARYACARITA, a prose work of nine chapters. ACARYADIGVIJAYA is a mixed composition of prose and verses by Vadhula Vallisahaya on the topic. The sixth is the SANKARAVIJAYA in verses consisting of twelve Sargas by Vyasacala. Next is the SANKARAVIJAYA written in Kerala. SANKARABHYUDAYA, a prose in six chapters written by Rajacudamani Diksita, is another work on the same topic. The ninth is the BRHACCHANKARAVIJAYA by Citsukhamuni. Other works on the great Sankara are the SANKARADIGVIJAYA by Sadananda, the SANKARAVIJAYASANGRAHA by Purusottama Bharati, the SANKARABHYUDAYA by Tirumala Diksita, the SANKARACARYACARITA by Anantakavi, the SANKARADIGVIJAYASARA by Sri Vrajaraja and another work with the same title as the previous one by Sri Govindcala. Various and varied are the works depicting the life history of the great philosopher.