पुटमेतत् सुपुष्टितम्


in Pāṇini's grammar. Names of authors and books, printed as well as found in a manuscript form, have been included as far as practicable in the present work. A scrupulous attention has been paid to the Prātiśākhya works, the Mahābhāṣya and the Kāśikā which are looked upon as supremely authoritative in the field of Sanskrit grammar. It must be admitted that the scholarly index works of Dr. Bothlingk and Dr. Renou were found very useful in providing references to standard grammar works. The abbreviations for the titles of books consulted and those of grammatical terms are given separately at the beginning of the present 'Dictionary of Sanskrit Grammar.' Names of books and authors have been sometimes given in the Roman script and sometimes in the Devanagari script.


Acknowledgements are due to Mr. M. N. Chapekar, Aryasanskriti Mudranalaya, Poona, who has given ample co-operation in getting this Dictionary printed in the shortest possible time. For facility of printing, accents of Vedic passages and words are not shown, nor italics have been used for Sanskrit terms written in the Roman script nor the breaking of a word at the end of a line is done scrupulously at the end of a syllable or a constituent part. In spite of all possible care, some slips have crept in for which the indulgence of the reader is craved. It is expected that Sanskrit scholars will make full use of this work and offer their valuable suggestions for future undertakings of this type.

A sincere sense of gratitude must be conveyed to Dr. Bhogilal J. Sandesara, the Director of the Oriental Institute, Baroda, at whose initiative the project of this ' Dictionary of Sanskrit Grammar, undertaken some years ago, but postponed from time to time, was not only pursued with vigour, but completed and turned into a volume in the Gaekwad Oriental Series.

601-2 Sadashiv Peth,
Laxmi Road, Poona 2.
Varshapratipadā, Shake 1883.


K. V. Abhyankar.