पुटमेतत् सुपुष्टितम्

ट् the first consonant of the lingual class ( टवर्ग ) possessed of the pro- perties श्वासानुप्रदान, अघोष, विवृतकण्ठत्व and अल्पप्राणत्व. When prefixed or affixed to an affix as an indica- tory letter, it signifies the addition of the fem. affix ङीप् ( ई ); cf. P. IV. 1.15, When added to the conjuga- tional affixes ( लकार ) it shows that in the Atmanepada the vowel of the last syllable is changed to ए. cf. P. III. 4.79. When added to an augment ( अागम ), it shows that the augment marked with it is to be prefixed and not to be affixed; e. g. नुट्, तुट् etc.; cf P. I. 1.46.

(1) the consonant ट्, the vowel अ being added for facility of utterance; cf. अकारो व्यञ्जनानाम्, T. Pr. I. 21; (2) short term, (प्रत्याहार) standing for टवगे or the lingual class of consonants, found used mostly in the Pratisakhya works; cf. RT. 13, V. Pr. I. 64, T. Pr. I. 27: (3) tad. affix ( अ ) added to the word फल्गुनी in the sense ' तत्र जातः' e. g. फल्गुनी, cf. P. IV. 3.34, Vart. 2; (4) krt affix ( अ ) added to the root चर्, सृ and कृ under certain conditions; e. g. कुरुचर:, अग्रेसुर:, यशस्करी ( विद्या ) दिवाकरः, वेिभकरः कर्मकरः etc. cf. P. III. 2.16-23.

टक् krt affix अ, not admitting गुण or वृद्धि to the preceding vowel and causing ङीप् in the feminine ( by P.IV. 1.15), added to the roots गा, पा and हन् under certain condi- tions; e. g. समग;, सुरापः, पतिघ्नी etc.; cf. P. IV. 2.8, 52, 53, 54, 55.

टकार the consonant ट्, कार being added for facility of utterance; cf. वर्णात्कारः P. III. 3.108 Vart. 3; cf. also V. Pr, I.17.

टच् the samasanta affix अ added to certain specified words at the end of the tatpurusa and other com- pounds e.g. राजसखः, पञ्चगवम्, महानसम्, समक्षम् , अध्यात्मम् etc. cf P.V.4.91-112.

टवर्ग the class of lingual consonants; the same as टु in Panini.

टा case ending of the third case (तृतीया) sing. number; cf. P. IV.1.2,

टाङ् short term for affixes beginning with टाप् in P. IV. 1.4 and ending with ष्यङ् in P. IV. 1.78: cf. टाङिति प्रत्याहारग्रहणम् । टापः प्रभृति आ ष्यङो ङकारात् M. Bh. on I. 2.48 V. 2.

टाप् feminine affix अा added to mas- culine nouns ending in अ by the rule अजाद्यतष्टाप् IV. 1.4 excepting those nouns where any other affix prescribed by subsequent rules becomes applicable.

टि the final syllable beginning with a vowel; part of a word consisting of the final vowel in a word and the consonants following the final vowel; cf अचेन्त्यादि टि P. I. 1.64.

टिठन् (l) tad. affix इक added to the words श्राणा, मांस and ओदन in the sense of ' something given as wages' e. g. श्राणिकः श्राणिकी; cf. P. IV. 4.67; (2) tad. affix इक added to कंस and शूर्प in the अार्हीय senses e. g. कंसिक:, कांसिक्री; cf. P. V.1.25,26.

टित् marked or characterized by the mute letter ट्. For the significance of the addition of ट्, see ट्.

टिलोप deletion or elision of the final

syllable beginning with a vowel, as prescribed by Panini in certain rules; cf. भस्य टेर्लोपः VII. 1.88, टे: P. VI, 4.143, 155 नस्तद्धिते P. VI. 4.144 and अह्नष्टखोरेव P. VI. 4.145.

टीटच् tad. affix टीट added to the preposition अच in the sense of