पुटमेतत् सुपुष्टितम्

in grammar about priority see P. II.2.30 to 38.

पूर्वपक्ष lit. the view placed first for consideration which generally is the view of the objector and is generally refuted by the author's view called उत्तरपक्ष or सिद्धान्त.

पूर्वपद anterior member, the first out of the two members of a compo- und, as contrasted with the next member which is उत्तरपद; cf. पूर्व- पदोत्तरपदयोरेकोदशः पूर्वपदत्यान्तवद्भवति, M. Bh. on P.VI.1.85 Vart. 4.

पूर्वपदप्रकृतिस्वर retention of the ori- ginal acute accent of the first member in a compound as is generally noticed in the bahuvrihi compound and in special cases in other compounds; cf बहुव्रीहौ प्रकृत्या पूर्वपदम् and the following rules P. WI. 2.1 to 63.

पूर्वपदार्थप्राधान्य importance in sense possessed by the first member of a compound as noticed generally in the case of the avyayibhava com pound, which hence is defined as पूर्वपदार्थप्रधानोव्ययीभावः M.Bh on P.I I. I.6, II.1.20, II. 1.49.

पूर्वरूप substitution of the former letter in the place of the two viz. the former and the latter, as a result of the coalescence of the two cf अमि पूर्वः and the following rules P. VI. 1.107-110.

पूर्वविधि (1) an operation or karya or the anterior cf. P. I. 1.57: cf also Mahabhasya on P. I. 1.57 cf also एकादेशः पूर्वविधौ स्थानिवत् M.Bh. on I.2.4 Vart. 2 and II. 4.62 Vart. 4; (2) an operation or a rule cited earlier in the order of sutras; cf. पूविधिमुत्तरो विधिर्वाधते M. Bh on P 1. 1.44 Vart. 13.

पूर्वविप्रतिषेध conflict of two rules where the preceding rule super-

sedes the latter rule, as the arrival at the correct form requires it. Generally the dictum is that a subsequent rule should supersede the preceding one; cf विप्रतिषेधे परं कार्यम् P. I. 4. 2; but sometimes the previous rule has to supersede the subsequent one in spite of the dictum विप्रतिषेधे परम्. The author of the Mahabhasya has brought these cases of the पूर्वविप्रतिषेध, which are, in fact, numerous, under the rule विप्रतिषेधे परं कार्यम् by taking the word पर in the sense of इष्ट 'what is de- sired '?; cf. इष्टवाची परशब्दः । विप्रतिषेधे परं यदिष्टं तद्भवतीति l M. Bh. on I. 1.3; I.2, 5: I. 4.2: II.1.69, IV.1.85etc. cf.also पूर्वविप्रतिषेधो नाम अयं र्विप्रतिषेधे परमित्यत्र परशब्दस्य इष्टवाचित्वाल्लब्धः सूत्रार्थः परिभाषारुपेण पाठ्यते Puru. Pari 108; for details see page 217 Vol. VII Mahabhasya D. E. Society's edi- tion.

पूर्वसवर्णदीर्ध substitution of the long form of the previous vowel in the place of two vowels as a result of their coalescence, prescribed by Paanini in VI. l.102 .

पूर्वसूत्र 1it. previous rule: a rule cited erlier in a treatise. The word is however, frequently used in the Mahabhasya in the sense of 'a rule laid down by an earlier grammarian': cf.वर्ण वाहुः पूर्वसूत्रे M. Bh, Ahnika 1, पूर्वसूत्रे गोत्रस्य वृद्धमिति संज्ञा क्रियते M. Bh on I. 2.68; cf. also M.Bh. on P.IV.1.14 Vart. 3, VI.I. 163 Vart. 1, VII.1.18, VIII. 4.7.

पूर्वस्थानिक a variety of antarangatva mentioned by Nagesa in the Pari- bhasendusekhara, where an opera- tion, affecting a part of a word which precedes that portion of the word which is affected by the other operation, is looked