पुटमेतत् सुपुष्टितम्


The Vaidics admit that Jyautisha (the science of astronomy or astrology) relates to both the Vedas, the Yajur and the Rig.

Just as the Vaidics recite by rote the Vaidic hymns, so do they repeat Jyautisha. Thus, owing to the recitation of the Vedas in hereditary succession without the knowledge of their meaning and the circulation of incorrect readings, all the copies of Jyautishavedanga that are now-a-days procurable, havë been unduly spoilt and given rise to incoherent signification.

In Germany Dr. Weber, having made a collection of several manuscripts of Jyautishavedanga and picked out, as far as his knowledge could reach, the best readings possible, published an edition of it along with the explanation of many Slokas.

Thereupon Dr. Thibaut, in accordance with the power of his exquisite comprehension, made corrections and commented on several Slokas before the publication of the work.

Hereafter Sankara Balakrishna Dikshit, Balagangadhar Tilak and others, having discriminated the interpretations made by Doctors Weber and Thibaut, wrote an explanation of many more Slokas.

Not long ago a poet, named Varhaspatya, having noted the difference of all the glosses hitherto written, ventured to explain in English, according to his understanding, almost all the Slokas of the work, and got his elaborated edition published in the numbers of the Monthly Journal, styled Hiudustan Review, from March to November 1906.

The subscribers to the Journal generally make mention of it in all the quarters.

Mahamahopadhyaya Adityaram Bhattacharya, Pandit Ganga Nath Jha and Dr. Thibaut at Allahabad, and Rai Bahadur Maharaj Narayan Sivapuri at Benares

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